Axl Rose decries use of Guns N’ Roses-music by Republicans

Rocker Axl Rose is angry at the Republicans, and in particular to president Donald Trump, because the party without permission, the music of Guns N’ Roses used during the election campaign. “There is someone in the White House with little regard for the truth, morality, and without empathy of any kind”, tweette Rose yesterday.

In a series of other tweets showed the frontman of Guns N’ Roses to his frustration over the Republicans, who according to Rose loopholes search for the music of his group without permission to use on political events.

“It is somewhat ironic that proponents of Trump to the ‘anti-Trump’-listening to music,” says the singer, who last week called for during the upcoming mid-term elections for the Democrats to vote.

Other bands and musicians, such as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Twisted Sister, and Elton John, Trump also asked to have no songs of them during election campaigns.

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