Australia eases visa for young people in agriculture want to work

Australian farmers faced an acute shortage of staff. Therefore, give the government the so-called ‘working holiday’ visa, which young people have their holiday combined with a job on the field.

The ‘working holiday’ visas are only for people of a certain age from countries with which Australia has an agreement. There are several conditions to this, which is now what be made more flexible.

So it is from July 2019 up to three years instead of the current two years. For some countries of origin is the age limit also raised from 30 to 35 years. Finally, the young people in more regions to work.

According to the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison will be the new scheme in the local economies a boost. Backpackers experience a fantastic time, and every dollar they earn helps, for these regions,’ he stated during a visit to a strawberry farm in Queensland. ‘All the money flows back to the regional cities, where more and more jobs are created.’

2.500 Belgians

Official figures show that Australia is in the season 2017-2018 (to June 30) 210.456 ‘working holiday’ visa has been granted. Especially British (37.752), Germans (23.867) and French (23.217) make use of, but also more and more Belgians find their way to the Australian fields. Last season were 2.456 visa granted to Belgian people, at 2.012 in 2013-2014.

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