Angry PSG should a complaint against UEFA

By the transfer of Neymar is PSG still under a magnifying glass.

The European football federation re-opened a few weeks ago, the investigation of the financial policy of the French club. According to the guidance of PSG is not true.

The Parisian football club, owned by wealthy investors from Qatar, was discredited by the purchase of the Brazilian Neymar (€222 million) and the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé (for 180 million euro).


On the basis of the rules of Financial Fair Play (FFP) should a club in Europe per year is not to spend more than the revenue. This maxim wants UEFA to prevent the wealthy owners of the success of buy and with their huge amounts of the spelersmarkt a serious imbalance.

The financial watchdogs of the UEFA concluded that Paris Saint-Germain in the framework of FFP, no rules had been violated, but the European champions have re-opened recently and yet again the research.

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