Angry Indians kill tiger with tractor

NEW DELHI – An angry mob in India a tiger killed a human being would have attacked. Three hundred people belaagden the animal with axes and spears in the Dudhwa Tijgerreservaat. Also they used a tractor as a weapon, say the authorities.

The villagers went on the attack after a man from the area was beaten up by a tiger. “While we are the wounded man overbrachten to the hospital, surrounded villagers the big cat. They destroyed the animal with a tractor”, said the deputy director of the reserve against the newspaper Hindustan Times. The assaulted man later died of his injuries.

A few days earlier was already fuss about the death of a tiger that may thirteen people had been killed. Hunters shot the animal dead after a manhunt. Animal rights activists meet to say that people the habitats of tigers to penetrate, with conflicts as a result.

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