Andrew Lincoln back in Walking Dead movies

Andrew Lincoln

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter gives producer Scott Gimple that it is likely to be three movies. He let not loose when these stories play out, but says that he looks for opportunities to do something around all of the series disappeared characters and actors. “That would make us not only the chance to give back with these fantastic people to work, but also to questions about their characters to answer.”

Lincoln, made in July, announced that he the series was about to leave. His last day on the set of The Walking Dead was very emotional, told the actor recently BuzzE. But a vale of tears was not. “I didn’t cry. I got all my tears on the screen left. I think Rick Grimes in those nine seasons, enough crying for both of us.”

Fans already knew exactly in which episode of the series said goodbye to Rick, the sheriff who the survivors of a zombie apocalypse the last eight seasons by one of the ’undead’ forgive America led. Dutch fans to see his last episode on Tuesday. The Brit takes his leave of the zombieshow because he often in their own country wants to be and more time with his family, wants to spend. For the movies, he would have only two months in the U.S. need to stay as he was for recordings of the series each year and nine months.

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