Accident with a huge inflatable water slide runs with danger had passed

WOKING – The parents of the children Saturday in the English Woking the shock of their lives were when their child is a huge inflatable slide fell, relieved breath. All eight children who were injured when the structure collapsed, have left the hospital. They keep no permanent injury to the accident.

How the accident with this huge inflatable water slide could happen is not yet clear.

How the accident could happen is still not clear. It happened at the time that the park has a fireworks show would start. Had the 12,000 people gathered. According to some witnesses, there were at the time of the accident, very many children on the slide. Woking is situated about 35 kilometers southwest of the British capital London.

In July were still six children injured when in Emmen, a smaller bouncy castle fell over. Also in Esbeek (Noord-Brabant) happened recently in an accident with a bouncy castle.

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