Woman who lungs got smoker dies of lung cancer

A 39-year-old woman in France died of the consequences of lung cancer, two years after her new lungs had gotten. The organs were from a kettingrookster. With scans, the development of tumors overlooked.

The patient came since her childhood arranged in the hospital. She suffered from cystic fibrosis, a hereditary and ongeneselijke condition. The mucus by glands in the body is secreted is exceptionally tough, making it his function could not fulfill, and certain organs -like the lungs – worse performance. In 2015 took the ademhalingscapaciteit’ of the woman significantly, and there will be a donor for her was found.

That was found. The lungs came from a 57-year-old woman that for 30 years the equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day, had smoked. The CT-scan of the donor showed for the transplantation, however, no deviations, and so it was continued. The surgery in the hospital of Montpellier was a success, writes Le Monde , on the basis of an article in the medical journal Lung Cancer.

Lung cancer

Two years later the woman, however, admitted to the hospital because she has a fever and again difficulty breathing. Find doctors several suspicious spots on a scan of the lungs. It turns out to be cancer tumors. With scans that a year earlier were made had certain deviations already observed, as showed later.

Two months after diagnosis died the woman.

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