Woman (39) gets the lungs of a heavy smoker and died

Paris – A 39-year-old woman who suffered from cystic fibrosis died shortly after the donorlongen of a heavy smoker. In June 2017 the patient is sick, recorded at the oncology department of the academic hospital of Montpellier. Reports that the French newspaper, Le Monde, which is based on an article in the medical journal Lung Cancer.

The journal Lung Cancer describes the case of the Frenchwoman which is warned of the risk of transplantation of organs of smokers.

The patient suffered since her childhood to cf. When her condition quickly deteriorated, decided her doctors in november 2015, a lung transplant to perform.

The lungs were from a 57-year-old woman who had a pack of cigarettes per day smoked, and that for a period of thirty years. This is evident from a study that was carried out by doctors at the University Hospital of Montpellier. According to the doctors showed the lungs of the kettingrookster at the time that they are brain dead was still no abnormalities.

In June 2017, the wife, two years after lung transplantation, ill. They will be included on the hospital of Montpellier. Two months later, she died from the effects of lung cancer.

Research shows that there is strong evidence that the cancer was caused by smoking. The first signs of lung cancer would have been visable on longscans a year after the transplant. That the cancer so soon after the transplant developed, indicates, according to the researchers that the cancer is already present must have been when the donor was still alive.

The researchers argue in the article in Lung Cancer for better precautions in the case of transplantation of organs from donors who smoke, also as she recently stopped smoking.

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