Wild Romance, think not yet of pension

“This is actually our first album, as I see it,” said singer David Hollestelle Saturday against BuzzE during the launch of their new album No Time in the Q-Factory in Amsterdam. Think to stop doing the band. “We have a lot of fans”, explained drummer Jan ‘t Hoen. “At the end of december, we will play a tour through Germany and there are so many people on that us maybe fifteen or twenty years have not seen. And as long as we everywhere see, is that all the word ’stop’ is not an issue.”

The men are convinced that Herman Brood, the album ’crazy’ would find. “He would be proud,” said Vermeulen. “Of course we miss him, but you give it a place.” About the right time for the release of the new album, did they not have to think long. Jan ‘t Hoen: “A release on Herman’s birthday is, of course, also a tribute. It is quite an important date for everyone.”

Wild Romance was formed in 1976 and has years of work in different occupations. In the present composition play Edgar Koelemeijer, Dany Lademacher, David Hollestelle, Otto Cooymans, Gee Carlsberg and Jan ’t Hoen. The band had big hits with Saturday Night and Never Be Clever.

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