Video – Streakster explains duel silent: “My female also looks’

The streakster makes for excitement at Rijnsburgse Boys – AFC.

“According to me ran into my arms,” responded Joel Tillema, player of Rijnsburgse Boys, compared to Omroep West. “But I thought of late I restrain myself, because my stomach looks. According to me she wanted me on her buttocks would save, but what I say; my stomach also watching the summaries.”

Rijnsburgse Boys was on their own field after the onoponthoud dried. “It was a frustrating afternoon,” said Tillema. The action with the streakster came out of the sleeve of the supporters of HKR. In other words, the Hard Core Rijnsburgse Boys. “We do more often this kind of playful actions. But this was something more extreme, I have to admit”, said a spokesman of HKR.

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