Tragedy helped Ed Sheeran to record deal

Stuart Dines, one of the best friends of Ed, passed away during a fatal accident in 2006 when she was out of school and were heading for a skitrip to Austria. During this trip, where Ed is not present, the bus was hit by a truck with metal bars.

Despite the fact that Ed is not going on the trip, he had it very difficult with his emotions. The author of the book, Sean Smith, writes: “Ed had the death process of someone that he daily saw. He decided to make a song about his feelings to write.” Later Ed about this song, called We Are, said that the him to his first record deal has helped, after he played, brought into a pub where he performed. In the audience went when talentenscouts of the label Atlantic, who gave him three months later, a contract is offered.

The Thinking Out Loud singer, who is now 27 years old, last year more than 94 million euro earned and sold worldwide, around 100 million singles.

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