Tim Murck and Mads Wittermans in Baantjer movie

Tim Murck.

Earlier was already announced that Waldemar ‘ in the role of the young Cock. The role of his partner Montijn is played by Tygo Gernandt. The idea for the film and the subsequent series comes from Thijs and Peter Römer.

In the turbulent years of the eighties, detective De Cock is stationed in the raw police station in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam. Together with his new partner, Montijn, the Cock on a murder case that leads to a possible attack during the coronation of princess Beatrix. They should all convert to a drama’s coronation day to prevent.

The feature film next spring to see in the cinema, and serves as a kick-off for the eponymous new drama series, which later in its entirety in Videoland and RTL 4 is shown. The direction is in the hands of Arne Toonen (The Boskampi). The shooting of the film are currently in place.

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