Tim den Besten: “I have a little separation anxiety I think,’

“I’m always afraid that people are with me go away. Therefore, I give me not at all, so someone eventually leaves. As simple as that. That has to do with the divorce of my parents, I think.”, answered Tim on the question of what it is difficult.

According to him, has the fall apart of these relationships to deal with that he has separation anxiety. “I tend to be someone to keep away, so he can not leave, for he was there yet not quite. I have a bit of separation anxiety, I think.”

Tim has the idea that the cause of his fear with his parents. “My parents are twice divorced and I fear that the boys leave because they have something even more exciting to find, or because it appears that I was not so nice. That is my fear, perhaps, therefore, I dare myself never to give, me about to give up,” said the 31-year-old presenter.

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