The war on drugs in Level 4 on FOUR

Saturday night. When chief inspector Sylvia runs shortly after midnight to a call about a street race on the Hasselt ring road. She calls up gain so that they have the cars all on the side. “Egotrippen mentions that, with thick cars cruising on the ring, a little tough forward, the fierce Jos hang out and then you go all once against the lamp, eh.” The egotrippers be tested on the use of alcohol and drugs. 2 of the 3 tests is positive.

The fight against drugs, especially in traffic, is a priority in Hasselt. In the first six months of 2018 were as many as 305 drivers caught on the use of drugs behind the wheel. On a half year’s time is that just as much as in the whole of 2017. Superintendent Sylvia recognizes the signals of the users. “D ” there are 24 geurboompjes in their car. Then you know it immediately.”

The BOB – campaigns were in 1995 launched. After almost 25 years, everyone knows by now that drinking and driving do not go hand in hand. “But the danger of smoke a joint and drive, that’s still not in.” notes inspector Wim. Until 2 years ago there was almost no one caught on drugs in traffic. “Now we have the resources, speekseltesten and the fines are really high.” Up to 1,500 euros for those under the influence rear the steer is caught.

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