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The netherlands hijacks all the medals away in women, Annemarie Sausage is new European champion

Annemarie Sausage is the new European champion in the women. The 23-year-old cyclist kept landgenotes Marianne Vos and Denise Betsema.

It was Ellen Van Loy who has the best start, and so the first field could be in diving. Also world champion Sanne Cant took a solid start. Together with the Dutch women Marianne Vos and Annemarie Sausage and the Luxembourg Christine Majerus drew Van Loy and Cant be on the road. Cant continued throughout the opening round, especially at the tail hang out, but moved eventually. Majerus went overboard, making four women – a Belgian and Dutch duo the first round, on the head closed, with Loes Sels a few seconds later. Maud Kaptheijns, Kim Of the Stone (Thursday is still the winner at the Koppenbergcross) and Laura Verdonschot had started missed.

In round two there was a front, the first time the tree is shaken. More determined by Sausage, which is on kousenvoeten drove away. Fox stayed with her compatriot, while Van Loy and Cant to start chasing. The Belgian ladies, however, remained calm and, in no time there was a foursome on the head. And four quickly became six, because at the end of round two were also Loes Sels and the Dutch Denise Betsema – last week winner in Neerpelt – connect.

In round three of the five came under the impulse of Annemarie Worst, that almost anyone to foot when they have a slope bad cranked up, again, the separation in the front. Sausage remained at the head of the drive and took the Cant and Vos in tow. The tough Ellen Van Loy, however, came back again, with Betsema in the wheel. Sels had it difficult, but eventually also connect. In the background was Laura Verdonschot, meanwhile, advanced to place to eight, while Kim Of the Stone the twelfth lag close behind Maud Kaptheijns and the British duo of Nikki Brammeier-Helen Wyman.

In the penultimate round impressed Betsema by the sandbox completely, but that went on the end so difficult that the current Sausage of her past went. Sausage got such a small hole, but Betsema – with the four other ladies in her track – drove it immediately to close again. A moment later, was the Worst-that with a mighty acceleration everyone overboard threw. The fox and the Betsema went the chase, while Cant by fits and starts again came out connecting in the final lap.

Sausage remained in the final lap alone, all were Fox and Betsema noooit far away. For the barely 23-year-old Sausage is her first European title. Fox stopped in the sprint for place two sip Betsema, but the ladies claimed a 1-2-3 safe for the Netherlands. Cant finished in fourth, while Van Loy and Sels spots five and six binnenhaalden. A medal was, however, not for the Belgians, that no gold could catch on this EK.

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