Son strangles mother after a quarrel over bad grade

DEBARY – A fifteen-year-old boy in the Us state of Florida killed his mother after a quarrel about a bad grade. He buried the body of 46-year-old Gail Cleavenger then on the grounds of the church, report local media. Sheriff Mike Chitwood of the village of DeBary says that Gregory Ramos after his arrest as proud as a peacock told how he had gone.

A quarrel about a bad grade was Gail fatal.

When the teenager and his mother in her bedroom had been strangled, was he a wheelbarrow to go to the body to transport. Upon his return, he found his mother still living, and he took her back strangled. After the murder called Ramos and two of his friends to come and help. They threw the house into confusion so that the situation on a burglary would seem.

Ramos called then the emergency number to tell you that at his home and something terrible had happened. ‘An Oscar-worthy phone call’, he felt, in retrospect, explains Chitwood. The detective who Ramos answered, says that the boy is very calculating to work. ,,In all the work that I’ve done”, he said, ,,he is probably one of the three largest sociopaten that I’ve seen.”

The father was during the assassination on a business trip.

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