“Secret agreement EU and British on the customs-union’

LONDON – Britain and the EU would be a secret agreement reached stating that Great Britain, after the brexit continues as part of the customs union. That would be the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland remain open and could be one of the biggest obstacles in the brexit negotiations be removed.

That writes The Sunday Times Sunday. The newspaper relies on sources around the government of prime minister Theresa May. In the agreement would also include details about a trade deal between Britain and the European Union. That agreement would be similar to the CETA-a trade agreement that the EU and Canada last year ended.

The agreement will uitstapclausule contain, leaving prime minister Theresa May can try skeptical brexiteers within her Conservative Party to win. The preparations for a final deal are “much more advanced than previously revealed,” says the newspaper.


A spokesperson for British prime minister May do the message in The Sunday Times as “speculation.” According to him, the negotiations are still going on. However, it was announced that the British government next Tuesday meet for consultation on the plan.

On Friday, hopes May be sufficient progress for the EU to convince a special brexit-top between the parties to organise.

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