sc Heerenveen by beautiful free kick against Emmen

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sc Heerenveen by beautiful free kick against Emmen

04 november, 2018 12:09
04-11-18 12:09
Last update: 27 minutes ago
Update: 27 minutes ago

The eleventh matchday in the Eredivisie is Sunday ended with four duels. Heerenveen will receive at 12.15 pm FC Emmen. Fortuna Sitard-PEC Zwolle and FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag are the duels at 14.30 hours. Feyenoord close the Premier league-on Sunday with a home match against VVV-Venlo at 16.45 hours. Follow all the matches here on the foot.

Heerenveen, The Netherlands-Emmen 1-0


Feyenoord VSFC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 6 minutes ago

Up! In Utrecht start these names to the kick-off at 14.30:

FC Utrecht: Jensen; Klaiber, Letschert, Janssen, Gavory; Of Overeem, Gustafson, Emanuelson; Church, Dessers, Tannane.

ADO: Groothuizen; Troupée, Malone, Beugelsdijk, Cannon, Meijers; After all, El Khayati; Becker, Necid, Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 13 minutes agoREST. sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 1-0

The odds for Emmen, yet Heerenveen with a lead the rest in. By a beautiful free-kick from Zeneli, where Emmen-keeper to Sharpen fully on verkijkt, the halfway 1-0 in the Abe Lenstra Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 18 minutes ago

So fly the free-kick from Zeneli about the unfortunate Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 24 minutes geleden34′ Nearly 2-0 for Heerenveen. This time is Hone alert with a bet of Sam Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 29 minutes ago,30′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-0

Against the ratio is sc Heerenveen in the lead but what a goal. Zeneli runs a free-kick from an almost onmogelije position directly. Emmen-goalkeeper Kjell Hone is a step too far for his purpose and let himself completely by Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 31 minutes geleden27′ a chance for Emmen to lead. A shot from Caner Cavlan is cracked in the rebound to shoot Bannink in the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 37 minutes ago

20′ Almost halfway through the first half is still 0-0. The supporters early this morning, have risen to the Abe Lenstra Stadium to come, are not yet Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 44 minutes geleden14′ The first opportunities in the match for FC Emmen. Warner Hahn tapping the ball out just in time for the feet of Glenn Axe. A minute later, miss Alexander Bannink eye-to-eye with the Heerenveen Heerenveen-FC Emmen · one hour geleden8′ Referee Kevin Blom logs along the side of the field because his communicatiesysteeem with the VAR does not work. It is the first commotion in the Abe Lenstra Stadium, because the field happens a lot in the opening Heerenveen-FC Emmen · one hour ago1′ The ball is rolling in Friesland! sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen · one hour geledenDe players come onto the field in Heerenveen, the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

FC Emmen will revancheren for the outrageous bekeruitschakeling in own house against ODIN’59 (1-3). sc Heerenveen bekerde further by a 1-3 victory at the amateurs of Green Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 2 hours geledenHeerenveen is currently the number nine of the Eredivisie. With profits on the rise, Marbles to place five. FC Emmen is sixteenth (two points above hekkensluiter FC Groningen). With a three pointer climbs Emmen to the twelfth Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 2 hours ago

Up! At 12.15 pm starts the Premier league the first game of this Sunday. These are the setups:

sc Heerenveen: Hahn; Floranus, Bulthuis, Pierie, Woudenberg; Thorsby, Rienstra, Vlap; Kobayashi, Lammers, Zeneli.

FC Emmen: Sharpen; Clock, Veendorp, Siekman, Bakery, Cavlan; Axe, Bannink, Niemeijer, Chacón; Arias.
PSV-Vitesse · 4 hours ago

Bergwijn has a feeling that patient PSV always can score
Steven Bergwijn was in no time to ensure that PSV for the first time this season points would lose in the Premier league. Also against Vitesse (1-0 victory) was the leader have the patience to wait on that one chance. “Everyone will be with us a goal,” says Bergwijn against NUsport. “We say in the field against each other: ‘stay Patient, that luck comes and that goal will come.'”Premier league · 5 hours ago

The program today in the Premier league:

12.15 pm:

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen

FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag
Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle

16.45 pm:
Feyenoord-VVV-VenloBack up


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