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Review: Blockchain and crypto-week

If you the Top Stories of this week may have missed, then can you in this post again all of the Stories that made the headlines, grouped together to read, because in the world of crypto currencies and the Blockchain much has happened. Here is a brief summary:

Pre-an interesting quote from Vitalik Buterin on Blockchain:

While most of the technologies tend to make employees with lower task unusable, eliminates the Blockchain the middle man. Instead of dismissing the taxi driver, dismisses the Blockchain Uber and the taxi drivers directly with customers.

The Ukrainian government plans to legalize crypto-currencies

The government of Ukraine has expressed a state policy to the legalization of Crypto and for the precise administration and Monitoring of the Fintech sector, as part of a new public policy of the Ministry of economic development and trade started. The process can take up to three years, but in the end, companies that have specialized in digital assets would be a legitimate part of the Ukrainian economy.

The new regulatory policy is implemented in two steps. The constitutional position of crypto-currencies, Exchanges, and other objects that have to do with digital assets has to be defined in 2018 and 2019. After that, the Ukrainian government will investigate the whole field of business, in order to identify Trends and significant concerns to work out in the end satisfactory ways of regulating the sector as a whole.

Canadian Exchange facilitates allegedly 813 Bitcoins

On Sunday morning, a relatively unknown canadian Exchange named maple change claiming to be from hackers to 813 Bitcoin facilitates. Shortly after communicating this to the Public, they took their Telegram and Discord channels offline. This led to many customers maple change via Twitter, accused of being the “Hacker“, the information about the Hack is wrong to depict and to plan an Exit Scam. Shortly thereafter, the answer of the Admins from the maple change Twitter Account followed. Here is his statement on the closure of the Social Media Accounts is:

“Since we have no more funds to someone to pay something back, we need to close the Exchange, unfortunately. This includes all of our Social Media channels. “

A day before the Hack, had maple change just a sleek, updated 2.0.0 Version of your Exchange online. In view of the fact that the new UI and UX were Updates in the foreground, this Hack for many Users by surprise.

Such a great Hack led shortly after the Update to several questions, such as why maple change has no insurance for such total failures, in order to compensate at least the customer. Maple change insisted, however, that you will compensate any customers for your Bitcoin (BTC) losses.

Exit Scam from the Oyster Pearl is the founder

Bruno Block, the anonymous constant is the founder and Chief Software Architect of Oyster Pearl, has deceived his entire Community. He has created an unauthorized manner, millions of PRL Tokens and then use it directly on KuCoin for about 300,000$ dollars sold. The only Person with the possibility to create new tokens, Bruno was Block. The whole Oyster Pearl Team knew about it but nothing, they reacted just as shocked as the numerous supporters and investors.

Cointicker Crypto Tracking App installed a backdoor on MAC computers, the User

CoinTicker App for MacOS that shows the current prices of many crypto-currencies, installed two backdoors on Mac computers. The App seems at first glance to be a reliable,useful application. After Downloading the App displays an icon in the menu bar, which shows you the current price of Bitcoin. The user also has the option to extend the representation and the prices of many crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero ads. Although the functionality of the App certificate is verifiable, installed the App, in reality, two behind doors, as EvilOSX and EggShell known. These behind doors to avoid that Requests for approval be made to the root of the device.

Bitcoin was 10 years old

A decade ago, published by Satoshi Nakamoto on 31.10.2008, the anonymous at the end of the founder of Bitcoin, a document with the title: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System stay”. On Wednesday, the world-leading cryptocurrency celebrated their 10. Birthday. 18. August 2008 the domain name bitcoin. org registered. This document described several ways to use a Peer-to-Peer network, to create what was referred to as “a System for electronic transactions without depending on trust”.

Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be an Alias for the Person or persons that wrote in 2008, the original BTC Protocol and, in 2009, the network has started. Nakamoto was responsible for the development of the largest part of the official BTC Software and was busy to make improvements and to publish technical information in the Bitcoin Forum. There were and are until today, intense speculation about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

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