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Nina Derwael after historic medal in Zaventem enthusiastically received (but the first hug is for her dog)

After her historic gold medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS gymnastics on the bridge with uneven bars, was Nina Derwael this afternoon at the airport will be met by a lot of enthusiastic fans. The 18-year-old Limburg was clearly impressed. Derwael, together with the whole Belgian team put in the flowers by the dozens of existing supporters.

There were about 100 supporters to the airport stooped to Nina Derwael to welcome after her historic performance. From the youngest to the oldest members of her old france had lined up at the start, but also the whole family to the proud uncles, aunts and her two grandpa’s. Her cousin, who her showed up, even had a cave bear. But one of the first things that Derwael back on Belgian soil did, was her dog to cuddle.

World champion Derwael was hands-on to the many flowers and drawings from young fans to take receipt. After a long journey from Doha, did the congratulations extra virtue.

“This went really not. It remains very special to be here with so many people. It is nice to here so many friends, family and supporters to see,” responded Derwael. “For the moment, I feel that I now have a new status I have acquired. That comes maybe in the next few days. I hope eventually everything just the same.”

“This is of course very nice but I think that, for today, still not done,” she exclaimed, clearly delighted. “I’m tired, but after two weeks I am also happy that I’m back to my normal life can be resumed. The biggest names, of course, remains my world title but I am also glad that I am not in another you have dropped and my focus, I was able to maintain for the last exercise on the bar where I was still fourth.”

“Olympic Games are now top priority”

The 18-year-old Limburg gymnast with her gold medal on the bridge with uneven shelves in the sportgeschiedenisboeken old and will be everywhere now as the favourite to be put forward. “I look very positively back on the world cup. I think I have a lot of confidence from this it can draw from for the next races. Now we need to back hard work to us next year on the next world cup as a team to qualify for the Olympics (in 2020 in Tokyo, red). That is our top priority.”

Of course, there was also her phone is not silent the past few days “I am still not all the messages read: I am, however, begun but there is always only”, got them laughing away.

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