New Caledonia vote against independence

PARIS – The French archipelago of New Caledonia in the south Pacific in France continue. About 57 percent of the people voted against independence from France in a referendum on Sunday. Meanwhile 95 percent of the votes counted. The rise is nearly 80 percent.

Approximately 175.000 inhabitants of the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean are allowed to vote. The strongest advocates for independence are the Kanaken, the original inhabitants. They are waiting for more than three decades on the referendum.

The islands came in 1853 is in the possession of Paris and were initially used as gevangeniseiland. Live In total there are more than 280.000 people, among whom many immigrants from other states in the Pacific Ocean. The islands receive approximately a billion euro a year from Paris.

The rash does not mean that the last word on independence is said. According to the arrangements with Paris are allowed to 2024 two referendums on this subject be held.

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