N-VA Member of parliament, wants Asia Bibi to Belgium to pick up, a husband, hoping for asylum in Britain

‘Offer Asia Bibi asylum, Belgium can do it.” N-VA Member of parliament, Peter Luykx calls on the government to take the freed christian woman Asia Bibi from Pakistan applied for asylum to offer. The woman was sentenced to death for blasphemy, but Wednesday, in appeal, acquitted.

Our country interfere in the case of Asia Bibi, in Pakistan already for some days to protests. Both Asia Bibi if her husband had been in danger and Belgium can give them asylum offer. That says Mp Peter Luykx (N-VA) on Sunday. “It would not be the first time that the government of such action is made.’

In Pakistan, is already for some days to protest against the release of Asia Bibi, a christian woman since 2010 in the row inmate. Bibi was sentenced to death for blasphemy in an argument with the women while they worked on a farm. The Pakistani authorities have now concluded an agreement with the radical islamic party Tehreek-i-Labaik (TLP) to put an end to the protests. Therein it is inter alia recorded that the wife of the country are not allowed to leave.

Wednesday was the woman acquitted by the Pakistani Supreme court, it is expected that they will complete the death row allowed to leave. Her lawyer, Saiful Mulook, that no protection was given, the country is now fled. He must at all cost remain alive to the woman to defend it, ” he said.

Hello Reynders?

Peter Luykx thinks that minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders (MR) will have to respond. “The chamber has approved in 2017 my resolution which the government calls special attention to religious minorities who were driven from their land by extremist groups. Also in this case, the government violence against the christian minority in Pakistan sharply condemn’, he says.

Belgium would Bibi and her husband also asylum have to offer. “It would not be the first time that the government such action took. Previously awarded state secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (N-VA) humanitarian visas to christians in Syria.’ Luykx has not yet had contact with his secretary of state for Asylum and Migration and partijgenoot – Theo Francken on the issue. “But I do think that he might be found”, sounds.


Bibi’s husband pleads in the meantime for asylum in Great Britain, for instance, in the British press read. In a video calls Ashiq Masih, the British prime minister Theresa May on to his family in freedom, to life. Also does he appeal to any assistance from the American president Donald Trump and the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

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