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Moderate Gent rijft victory against Kortrijk within

KAA Gent has the uitschuiver against Mouscron can straighten against Kortrijk, although it was not without a hitch. A weak Gent had a legitimate lagging behind the rest in, but could the coffee have to make a fist. Yaremchuk put in the second half, and soon the second half on the board and twenty minutes before time went on, the ball on the dot after the questionable hands of Mboyo. Limbombe finished the job with confidence and in the lock, put again Yaremchuk the 3-1 final score on the board. View to 23pm the summary on the Sports!

Coach Jess Thorup could not laugh with the breach of contract against Mouscron. “Some people thought that we champion,” he noted. Nevertheless, he opted for the same eleven on the kick-off. That seemed not to have understood, because for the rest explained there is a Gent little on the mat and left it, not even a shot between the posts note. Also Kortrijk had it difficult to have opportunities to develop. A doelpuntenloze idle seemed inevitable, but sent Van der Bruggen on the right Chevalier road. After a farcical procedure of Plastun could Stojanovic are seventh seizoenstreffer score: 0-1 half-way.

VIDEO. View the summary AA GentKV Kortrijk

Intervention did Thorup is not yet in the rest, however, after eight minutes in the second half. Birger Verstraete celebrated his return and came Andrijasevic redeem. And if the midfielder had a positive impact on the team, because barely two minutes later, he was signed for the assist on the equalizer. The brand new Red Devil hurled the lake in front of goal and Yaremchuk devoured Kaminski: 1-1.

Ghent tankte trust, it started better football and actually create opportunities. Twenty minutes before time, the ball suddenly on the dot. Limbombe kicked the ball from close against the arm of Mboyo, ref Pit pointed to the dot. Drunk or not, a clear error was the decision of the Pit do not, and so handle the VAR is not in. Limbombe finished the job with a panenka, 2-1 for the home team.

Flattered, but what are Buffalo milled about them? Kortrijk had the courage a bit of bags, and the victory of Ghent was not in trouble. In the final set Yaremchuk position still on the board. The striker hurt himself, at the head he got some studs in the face. He celebrated his goal, as in minor, but gave his team a reinvigorating victory.

By the victory is approaching Gent in the booth for the time being up on one point of number four Anderlecht. Kortrijk, the last couple of weeks more earned, remains divided eleventh and sees the Club next to him.

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