Melania takes the hotel room of a 95,000 dollar

WASHINGTON – During her recent visit to Africa shows wife of late Melania Trump a fortune to have spent on a hotel room in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The account for a one-night stay in the five star hotel InterContinental Cairo Semiramis amounted to 95.000 dollars (83.000 euro), report American media.

No wrong pied-a-terre, but very expensive, especially for someone who didn’t even have a night to spend.

The media winds itself especially in the fact that Melania Trump not even the night spent in the hotel. They stayed in a total of six hours in Cairo. Why the bill was so high, it is not clear. The cheapest room in that hotel costs including breakfast 119 dollars.

With its towering hotel trumps Melania and her husband Donald. Who presented the American taxpayers in July a note of more than 68.000 dollar (59.000 euro) for a stay of two nights in his own hotel in Scotland.

First solotrip

The trip to Africa yielded the First Lady, incidentally, more comments on. So she wore during a safari a tropenhelm, for many Africans, a symbol of colonial oppression. Her journey would be referred to the snerende comments by Donald Trump about a number of African countries (the’shithole countries’) forget to do.

Melania Trump travelled to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt. It was her first solotrip.

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