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Mathieu van der Poel happy that he is a nice jersey, Van Aert reproach himself, is nothing but do not want to be satisfied

The previous European champion is the new European champion. Mathieu Van der Poel followed in the Netherlands Rosmalen with verve, of his European title. Wout van Aert had to resign themselves to the dominance of its Dutch competitor, Laurens Sweeck was the happy third.

Or he after I questioned it had, we wanted to be of Mathieu van der Poel know. “Almost not! After the Rain I have already said that such a bad day for me happens. After Ruddervoorde have, perhaps I trained too hard and too little rest. That I have after Thursday done. And also the courses were not comparable.”

Yet it was the holeshot to Van Aert. “What yet for any headaches caused”, well-known Van der Poel. “I was good, but was pressed out and lost some places. At the same time, I saw that Wout is equal to began with Tim Merlier, red) in the second position. That was dangerous. I have the hole as soon as possible, Lars (Van der haar, red) was also speed. When I Wout in the wheel, I immediately had the idea to speed. Quick launch always does very, also in Wout. On the straight strip I have my attack placed. I have some strips faster, he other.”

Van der Poel wanted to absolutely win. “The championship is different, even though the names are the same. I try every contest to win, others peaks more to championships. I had never really done. Do it this way since childhood. I am always pleased when I have a sweater win. I had this sweater also do not like to be transferred because it is a beautiful sweater. I find also that, with the exception of last year, my WC’s were bad. The circumstances in Luxembourg, knows everyone, and also in the Attic was otherwise able to walk. (Pulls the shoulders), Wout, there is always a world cup.”

The question remains: has Van der Poel last Thursday spared on the Koppenberg? “If I could have been better, I had it done. I don’t ride for my pleasure so far behind the first. No, the altimeters were not. I have in the bike already proved that I am still heavier tracks can handle. I think I Thursday less energy I have is consumed than, for example, Wout. I have less apart.”

The weather conditions made this year for a fast-paced contest. Good for Van der Poel, everyone knows. “But I think we could still pack getting heavier and heavier. Unfortunately, it seems that Gavere is a dry issue, and there drive I prefer to stay in the mud, because then you are more your technique should be used. But yes, to the weather we cannot change.”

Rosmalen was a success: a lot of people, fun atmosphere and a vast amount of Dutch medals. “Punishment but with the exception of the promises we can win all the gold medals. And yet there is not one Dutch crossploeg. Luckily we have with Corendon a Dutch sponsor. So, it’s the right side out. On the other hand, there are indeed a few Dutch matches. It all has to do with money.”

Van Aert not happy

Wout van Aert was in the first round heaven and earth to his Dutch opponent at the disadvantage. In vain, as it turned out. “When he passed, there was no follow”, is a reference Of Aert to the demarrage of VdP. “I was already two laps, fast cycling, and if you over shoot… Frustrating? That is, it is not the first time that he does. It motivates me to be even better.”

The quick start was planned. “If Mathieu asked for a chance, then he is difficult to follow,” says Van Aert. “So I was not helped with a good start. I could not do more than direct my cards on the table to throw, this was on this trail the best possible tactic. (Resigned) Mathieu follow me anyway, was not successful. Or I disappointed? I am not to come here to be second, I want each week to win. So no, I’m not very happy but must I accept that. Or I am making progress, I don’t know. I don’t feel bad and I am about the whole season taking the second best rider in the peloton, and that is today proven once.”

Also Of Aert thirsts for rain. “I would like to have in the mud of the drive, where small mistakes are less severely punished. Here is each mistake is decisive. But much would change, I don’t know. I cross yet to Koksijde every weekend. Then I go there two weekends away for an extended training period in function of the January they had just endured and the rest of the season.”

Surprising Sweeck

And suddenly was there again Laurens Sweeck on the stage. A surprise to many after a rather moderate start of the season. “It was maybe a surprise to you but a lot less for me. I was the past few weeks to improve, this course suited me a little better. Thursday on the Koppenberg I was already sixth, and I did in the last round to place four. So no, for me this is no big surprise. I think also, that my stage earned. I tried also to put pressure on Wout because a mistake is easily made. But Wout continued to rap around and made no mistakes. More was also not in.”

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