Man swims to Britain around

KNOW – The Brit Ross Edgley (33) is the first man to the entire mainland of Great Britain is swimming. Edgley left in June for his monster tour of nearly 3200 kilometres and came on Sunday in Kent. The singing swam for twelve hours a day in which he is 30 to 50 kilometers, gathering. Edgley had daily between 10.000 and 15,000 calories of food.

Ross Edgley established during his monster tour various records.

Three hundred swimmers have the last few kilometers with him to swim on the way to the finish line.

It is not the first extreme challenge of the Brit. Previously, he ran a marathon while he is a Mini drew and he swam 100 miles, with a tree trunk behind him.

The tour was meant to draw attention to are The World’s Fittest Book.

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