Life Beau is not changed by the Ring

Beau’s life is “definitely not” be changed by the Golden Televizier-Ring, which he last month won for Five Days Inside. “It was incredibly fun to be with, to be treated to be on as much praise and prizes”, says Beau back in conversation with BuzzE. During the Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala won Beau the Silver Televizier-Star for best presenter. “But a day later I was back in Rotterdam, which in perspective is enormous.”

The winner of the Golden Televizier-Ring must be Beau ’hard fight’ for his programs. He is currently every Tuesday night at 21.30 to see in The Rotterdam Project, where five homeless people in the port city. Beau begged RTL to get more air time, with success; the last episode of The Rotterdam Project is a double. “But it is to fight. And I have so much inspiration to make programs about subcultures.”


Its current programs fit crazy enough better in public broadcasting than in RTL. “But in public broadcasting, they are more concerned with their star journey”, said Beau with a wink. The presenter is ‘very satisfied’ with RTL, he adds: “But there is so much mess created, and why? Stations would be much more need to spend for small producers than for the big moneymakers. At that the small businesses they work with heart and soul the snot for the eyes to something beautiful.”

So too in the Bald Jackal Productions, Beau’s company. There is the pressure that the prijzenregen yields to feel. “I am now at the point that you just can come to be, know, Beau, that is a lot of tv flops to his name, all too well. “But I’m sober for it. I put my heart and soul into the programs that I now do and hope that it beautiful and that people enjoy. I cannot do otherwise than my best to do.”

The best compliment that Beau can get is that he the viewer knows to hit. “Viewing figures in the millions, that time is a little bit over, I have the idea. It concerns me that there are people really up in tv-programs. I also understand that the entertainment is, but for me it is much more than that. I really want to have something to reveal in the society. I hope that people see it and think: this is my society, my the Netherlands.”

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