Husband of Asia Bibi asked Britain for asylum

ISLAMABAD – The husband of Asia Bibi, who, by the supreme court in Pakistan acquitted of blasphemy, hopes that the United Kingdom them refuge. He also asks for the assistance of Canada and the United States, reports the BBC.

Asia Bibi is acquitted, but is still fixed.

According to Ashiq Masih, he and Bibi for their lives in fear in Pakistan after radical muslims have entered into an agreement with the government. Who were the street, merged with a protest against Bibi’s release. The radical party Tehreek-e-Labaik (TLP) has now agreed that the government tries to prevent Bibi leave the country.

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Masih says he has the chills was when he was about the agreement heard. “The current situation is very dangerous for us. We have no security, and hide us here and there, and frequently change our location,” he says. The lawyer of Bibi, left Saturday from the country, also out of fear to be killed.

Bibi was about eight years on death row, because the prophet Muhammad would have been offended during an argument with neighbors.

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