However, resignation chef German intelligence

BERLIN – The chief of the German intelligence service BfV, Hans-Georg Maassen, is still dismissed. He would be a special advisor in the ministry of Home Affairs with retention of salary. That transfer will reportedly not go through because Maassen in the farewell address that he had written considerable criticism delivers on the coalition. The text of his speech was distributed at the BfV.

Initially would Maassen forced to resign to better-paid secretary of state to be on the department. In a statement SPD made against the previous month, as serious objections. The crisis was averted by a different function, to make up for Maassen, but now is the resignation of prepared.

Maassen became discredited after riots in the Eastern German city of Chemnitz, where right-wing extremists violent hunting made on migrants and people with a foreign appearance. He doubted the authenticity of the video footage that were created and distributed.

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