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Hardware Wallet Review: The Cool Wallet S

CoolBitX – Cool Wallet S

In terms of Style and Design the sets of the, Taiwan-based company “CoolBitX” produced Hardware Wallet “cool wallet S” clearly new standards in comparison to the competitor “Ledger Nano S” and “TREZOR” (One/ Model T). As the first and so far the only Hardware Wallet in check card size with an E-Ink Display, the cool wallet S can points quite clear in the point mobility. Well-known individuals such as Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, to apply the cool wallet S as “the best Wallet I have ever used, as it combines the points of safety and user-friendliness in an ideal way.” If this is the truth, and whether or not the cool wallet S can also compete in terms of features and functionality with the most popular competition models, will be presented in the following Review.

Product data

Manufacturer: CoolBitX

Supported Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash, ERC20 Token, USD Tether, Binance Coin BNB, Cortex, Coin, JOYSO, Jay-z, WETH, and Zper Token.

Supported platforms: Android (6.0 or above), IOS (from 9.1)

Interfaces: NFC, Bluetooth

Screen: E-Paper Display

Scope of delivery: cool wallet, USB cable, charger, stickers, Recovery notes

Input Options: Function Button

Battery: 3V, 15mAh

Battery life: approximately 2 weeks under normal use (~ 2 transactions per day) and approximately 3 months in Stand-By mode

Open Source: No

Safety technology: tamper-proof Secure Element EAL5+ certification

FIDO U2F authentication: no

Weight: 5g

Dimensions: 86x54x0,8mm

Additional benefits: Flexible, waterproof


This cool wallet comes in a chic box, which is surrounded by a cardboard sleeve. You pull the Box out of the case can be folded up and the cool wallet S, as well as a short welcome text, which is printed in the inside of the Box, come to the fore.

In gold letters printed, the greeting message of the CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou as follows:

“The invention of the Blockchain technology offers a great opportunity to change the world and improve our lives. We feel a responsibility to protect the growth of this technology and drive it forward and offer this is the reason why our innovative solutions. The future is calling and we would like to ride this adventure together with them the best“

The entire contents of the CoolBitX – cool wallet S

The enclosed scope of delivery also includes a charger, and the corresponding Micro include, in addition to the cool wallet S-credit-card-record USB-cable, a Recovery Card to 12 or 24 recovery words as well as a sticker with the Logo. Unfortunately, no manual is included, what has surprised me a little. Perhaps this was to be attached to only forget in my device, but also on the official Homepage of the speech is not a manual. However, there are the instructions on the Homepage for Download (attention: Only in English).

The Wallet

The first in a protective film wrapped, cool wallet S feels when first in the Hand to take the way it looks – like a credit card. It is flexible and easily pliable yet stable. In addition to the printed serial number of the Wallets, as well as the E-Paper Display, a function button, as well as two Charging Pins on the front of the unit. The Logo and the slogan “The Ultimate Bitcoin Safe” adorn the back.



The cool wallet to set up S you must download the corresponding App on their Smartphone and install it. The App “CoolBitX Crypto”, there are both for Android as well as IOS. To be on the safe side and to install not a Fake App, should we use the QR-Code on the website.
As the cool wallet S to turn off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity, it is for the first setup sequence is necessary to put the Wallet card in the corresponding charging station, and during the entire setup process, download.

The card is in the charging station

To start the Pairing process the “CoolBitX Crypto”App must be on the Smartphone. After you have granted the App the permissions on the Bluetooth access to turn it on, should also be displayed and relatively quickly, the serial number of the in the immediate vicinity of cool wallet. With a push of a button “Connect” will start the pairing process.

A pressure on “Connect” to start the process
Here is the 6-digit Pin to be entered

On the Display of the cool wallet S is now displayed with a sixth-digit PIN Code, which you must complete to be entered in a PUSH notification in the App to complete the Pairing. (Note: If you will not see any PUSH notification, you need to this may be only in the settings of your smartphone authorize.)
The next step depends on which Firmware has the appropriate cool wallet S. If this (should be out of date, as is the case with my Test Wallet), so you will first be prompted a Firmware Update.
This process will take, according to the note in the App, between 2 and 10 minutes. In my case, it took about 5 minutes.

After the Update is fully deployed, it is necessary to connect the Smartphone and a cool wallet S again by pressing “Connect” with each other. You will now be prompted to press the function button on the Wallet after this is done, you have completed the Parining process is complete and the two devices are connected to each other.

As for the setup of Hardware-Wallets in the usual way, you will be asked whether to create its Walletseed new or using the Recovery Seed restore. I choose “create” to a new Seed.

To generate “Create” a new Seed

Especially good on cool wallet S the choices that are offered now, like me. You will be given the choice whether you want to generate the new Seed, either directly on the App or directly on the map. The latter of course provides a higher level of security, which is why I’m making this selection.
However, you can choose not only the device to Generate, but also the length. With the help of a slider you can choose between the standard 12-word variant, or the safer 24-word variant.
I of course opt for the Safety option. Unlike most of the other (Hardware)Wallets, are generated by the cool wallet S no words, but five-digit combinations of numbers. Does this safety, however, certainly not detract – in fact quite the opposite.

The combinations of numbers will now be displayed step-by-step in the E-Paper Display and must be confirmed after they have been quoted by the press of a button. To be on the Safe side, that all the Numbers were correctly listed, these are then summed, and the sum in the App and confirmed to be typed in. This should be successfully done, the User Interface of the Wallet App.

The cool wallet S and the App is in use

An Overview of the Design of the App

The Design of the Smartphone App (in this case Android) is simple and easy. Under the tab “Wallet” are direct currencies in the supported Crypto and their corresponding current prices in the selected Fiat currency. In addition to the “Big Five” Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Bcash, and Ethereum all ERC supported-20 tokens, as well as NBB, Tether, and some smaller Coins (See product data). Via the Button “Buy Crypto” to get the opportunity directly through the partner page “” new crypto-currencies to buy. A total display for the current value in € (or other Fiat currency) is also available.


If you want crypto to receive currencies to its cool wallet S, to switch on the “Receive”tab (Receive). Here is the receiving address (Public Key) of the wallet is displayed in both alphanumeric, as well as a QR Code. By using a “Share”button, this can then be via Messenger or e-mail. Since it is for security reasons, it is not advisable to use an address multiple times, the App also offers the ability to add additional addresses. To do this, simply click “Add” to generate down a new receiving address. In the upper right corner of the crypto-currency also allows you to select, you would like to Receive. The corresponding Funds are displayed in the App after sending directly, after the first Confirmation.

The Tab “Receive” To Receive


To send Coins from the cool wallet S, select the tab “Send”, which, however, also another function, namely, the direct exchange of one crypto currency into another, via the partner platform “Changelly”.
But first to the actual Sending of a crypto-currency (here at the example of BTC):
The Wallet App from CoolBitX shows here again that it is well thought out and hardly leaves desires open. It offers, in addition to the basic Features of the “send to” “from” “to” a few more Extras. Firstly, there is the possibility of the address by means of a QR Code to scan, for example, if you want to send to a friend Bitcoin and that generated by its Smartphone App with a QR-Code of their address. On the other, is also integrated here is a partner service (MetaCert Protocol) directly, which is the address to which it checked want to send his BTC and verified and, where appropriate, a warning, it should be a unverified address.
Another Extra that the App provides is the manual control, the Use of transaction fees. Depending on whether the transaction is urgent or not, can this slider with a Finger, very easy to adjust. The possibility of sending the amount both in BTC and in Fiat to specify rounds, send in conjunction with the “MAX”Button (=All the available BTC at once) the versatile functions of the App.
As for Hardware-Wallets in the usual outgoing transactions need to be reviewed, of course, still on the Display of the map and by pressing the function button to be confirmed.

The other, above-mentioned function, the direct “In-App-Conversion” of a crypto-currency into another. The Exchange platform “Changelly” makes this possible. The functionality is limited, however, to the five supported Coins (BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC).

Direct In-App exchange by Changelly

Potion station history

The tab “History” is, as the Name suggests, the transaction history of all incoming and outgoing transactions. Unfortunately, there is no way to export them in a CSV file. Unfortunately, this is a small negative point, you can blame the cool wallet S, respectively, of the App.

The Transaction History


The setting possibilities of the CoolbitX App the mountains, but also some of the other Features of which I want to mention the most important ones.
For one, it is possible to disable the display of some tokens in the main menu. Under the setting “Coin display” the “extra coins” using the small slider to hide.

Some Altcoins can be disabled

A further useful feature is the lock via fingerprint. This provides a further safety factor to hedge eures crypto-Porfolios.
In addition to the two above-mentioned features, the App offers even more-or-less standard functions, such as Firmware Updates, a Reset function, or the device management for paired devices.


The CoolbitX cool wallet S is without a doubt a very good Hardware Wallet, which can be for many a real Alternative to Ledger, TREZOR and co. and will be. It takes place in every purse or pocket, is both flexible and pliable, but durable and waterproof. In the case that, for example, is pushed into a swimming pool and you have to be cool wallet S plug in-you have to make to this is definitely no Worries.
The fact that for the establishment and use of the cool wallet S no PC/Notebook but only a Smartphone is needed, it can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. A Smartphone is generally less secure than a (according to safe) PC and you have to trust the fact that transactions can be wirelessly processed via encrypted Bluetooth, exactly as the non-open-source Software provided, incl. The Secure Element. To do this, however, is the use of using a Smartphone for many people is certainly a great relief, just as people technology-not are really savvy, to do with the Smartphone is often easier, since this is in most people a common everyday object. Since paying with the Smartphone (e.g. in China are growing about WePay), can be considered the cool wallet S well as a future-proof Wallet for the security and use of crypto-currencies.

If you are convinced the Review from the Coowallet S, you can download it directly here in the Shop.

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