Gunner yoga described himself as vrouwenhater

The man who two women in a yoga studio in Florida has been shot dead, was earlier accused of the harassment of women. He would also misogyne videos have made.

Friday night opened the 40-year-old Scott Beierle the fire in a yoga studio. Two women came to. It is a 21-year-old student and a faculty member of the Florida State University. Five other people were injured before the gunman himself doodschoot.

‘Several people have teruggevochten and tried to get other people to rescue, ” says the police.

Why Beierle the studio is invaded, it is still not clear. Detectives search for a link between the victims and the shooters. Police records show that the man ever on the campus was banned and arrested twice for the groping of young women.

The former teacher and military veteran in 2014 also YouTube videos posted where he is racist and misogyne views. He calls women ‘whores’ when they are with black guys, black women he finds ‘disgusting’, and he describes himself as a vrouwenhater. The man also says that promiscuous women are ‘crucified’ should be.

In a fragment he compares himself to Elliot Rodger, the “incel” that six people killed near the university of California. An incel is an ‘involuntary celibate’, an involuntary celibate. In other words: a man who is not the sex can get in that he finds that he is entitled to have.

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