First Herman Brood Museum opens doors

The concert is presented by Bread fan of Johan Derksen. His performances there, among others, by Hans la Faille (Cuby + Blizzards), Erwin Java (Wild Romance) and Jimi Bellmartin, the winner of the first edition of The Voice Senior.

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Johan Derksen in the gap for Herman Brood Museum

The Herman Brood Experience in Zwolle was already almost a Bread museum, but now it is also that name. On the first floor, three rooms decorated, filled with photos, privévoorwerpen, art, film, and sound of the Zwolle-born artist. Everything is according to initiator Ivo Long in consultation, agreed with the family of Herman.

The Experience opened in april last year the doors. In the first year there were about 50,000 visitors. Herman Brood would be Monday, 72 years of age. This weekend it celebrated his old band the Wild Romance even though his birthday with the release party for a new album: No Time.

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