Explosive increase in early voters USA: up to 400 percent

NEW YORK – In the states where electoral much at stake, millions of Americans are prematurely cast their vote. That there are a lot more than previous times. Some states report increases of 60 to 400 percent compared to four years ago, four days before the so-called ’midterms’ next Tuesday.

Supporters of Donald Trump.

Reports that the news channel MSNBC. During the midterms can Americans cast their vote for the House of Representatives, a part of the Senate, and a part of the governors.

The frontrunner is the state of Tennessee. There quadrupled the number of early voters’ to almost 1.3 million. In Texas were already 4.7 million tune in at 1.7 million in 2014. Also in the states of Arizona, Florida, Montana, Georgia, Indiana and Nevada increased the number of explosive.

Everyone wants to vote

In many American states, it is possible that voters sometimes for weeks prior to the elections, their vote can bring. This is not only at the special polling stations but also via the post. The high opkomstpercentages indicate a major motivation for voters to this year, their voice is not lost.

At the previous mid-term elections in 2014-it only took to 36.7 percent of the Americans the trouble to cast their vote. With the U.s. presidential election is the voter turnout is usually between 55 and 60 percent.

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