Employees DELA used their own fingerprints for rouwjuwelen’

Funeral organisation DELA in the Netherlands again accused of tampering with the fingerprints of deceased people. In the Dutch radio program Radar say (ex-)employees that the printing for the jewelry sometimes be faked. Dozens of times would not be the fingerprints of the dead themselves are used, but those of the employees.

Radar claimed last week that DELA in the Netherlands, often unsolicited, fingerprints of the dead declined to jewelry. Weeks later got relatives an e-mail from DELA or she of the fingerprint of the deceased a ring or a necklace wanted to make. The costs were between 124 and 1320 euro. In the e-mail repte the funeral organisation with no word on how the fingerprints were stored and how long they are kept. After that broadcast paste DELA that policy.

In Radar of this week, (ex-)employees that the dozens of times it has happened that lichaamsverzorgers their own fingerprint gifts. Sometimes it was difficult of the deceased to use, as a body, for example, in the water has located, or someone has already a long time dead.

“That it happened is absurd,” says someone. “There was quite a laugh. Oh, we have him forget, then you can, however, just as the deceased play, eh? There was very laconic about done, as if it were the most normal thing in the world was, and there I have really a bit of a wake located.’

DELA says baffled about the allegation. ‘On the basis of what we now know, after thorough investigation, allowed relatives to be confident that they have a piece of jewelry with a good fingerprint have received, ” reads the written response. The company says in its administration with no indication of having found that the allegation supports.

The funeral organisation also says that a survey among six hundred employees shows that more than 99.5 percent of these colleagues indicates that this situation is unknown to them’.

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