Egyptian police kills 19 suspects of attack on coptic christians

The Egyptian police has nineteen people were killed in suspected of involvement in the attack Friday took place on the coptic pilgrims. According to the ministry of Internal Affairs, the suspects killed in a shootout.

In the Egyptian province of Minya, south of Cairo, was Friday, a bus carrying coptic pilgrims taken under fire. It came to seven people to life. The attack was claimed by the terrorist group IS (Islamic State).

According to the ministry of Home Affairs, the police in a mountainous area in Minya an attack carried out on the suspected perpetrators of the attack. When the suspects opened fire at the police, shot the agents back, reports the ministry. Nineteen “terrorist elements” were killed. In the hideout of the suspects were also automatic weapons seized.

Since the fall of the islamist president, Mohamed Morsi, is the veiligheidstoestand in Egypt unstable. Again and again it comes to attacks. Often, security forces or copts are the target. It is estimated that about 10 percent of the approximately 100 million Egyptians are christian.

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