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Consumer organizations survey shows crypto-scepticism among citizens

Consumer organizations survey shows crypto-scepticism among citizens

Home News consumer organisations survey shows crypto-scepticism among citizens

Matthias Nemack –

It is not an unexpected finding that many “normal” consumers of crypto-currencies tend to be skeptical. The survey of two consumer centers, but also shows that it continues to lack the necessary awareness about the opportunities and risks.

Young participants of the currencies is particularly open to Cyber

Responsible for the survey of a total of 1,000 people participating online, the consumer is Central in the two Federal States of Saxony and Hesse. You wanted to summarize the findings with a word, would be “mixed” is probably fairly accurate. Because once again, it shows that the interest in currencies such as the Bitcoin, or rather lesser-known Coins, such as Dash and IOTA increases more in young people. About one third of the Respondents aged 18 to 29 years, holds a private Coin buying is an interesting Option. In the entire group of Respondents, the value is only about ten percent.

The consumers know to crypto-currencies is increasing

Eleven percent of the participants described themselves as “undecided”. 17 percent of respondents in the Cyber foreign exchange the money Tomorrow – after all, when you think of the current mood of crisis, which is abating, fortunately, slowly. The consumer advocates have come to the conclusion that 77 per cent of the consumer there is currently no Investment in Ethereum or other currencies into consideration. Every Seventh provides for such deposits at the moment as a risk, or keep you even for very risky. But there are equally positive developments. So crypto-currencies are now 50 per cent of the respondents.

General skepticism deprived investors of innovative opportunities

As an interesting object of speculation, 25% of the survey participants see the crypto purchase, since supposedly fast gains could be realised. That the consumer advocate was at the end of a priority warnings in connection with digital currencies Express and the Creation of a Wallet does not necessarily recommend, is in the nature of the thing. Because there are questionable providers on the market. Investors and crypto-Fans of different ages warn, but generally speaking, is obsolete. Finally, there are now many reputable service providers, which are interested to invest money in the crypto area, and the long-term growth.

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