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Comments on stop Feyenoord-VVV inoperative light poles

04 november, 2018 12:09
04-11-18 12:09
Latest update: 3 hours ago
Update: 3 hours ago

The match between Feyenoord and VVV-Venlo in the eleventh matchday of the Premier league on Sunday suspended due to fallen light poles in The Cockpit. Click here to read all the comments on the cancellation.


Heerenveen, The Netherlands-Emmen 1-1
Utrecht-ADO 3-0
Fortuna-PEC 3-0Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours ago

‘Light’ is irritated, we go back to Venlo… 😑


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen18:05 – 4 november 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours geledenDe KNVB hopes the game as quickly as possible to catch up, but with matches in the Champions League and the Europa League for the bow is still difficult sat. “We are bound by restrictions from the international associations”, announces a spokesman for the KNVB. “At the times of the European competitions should not play football. We must also take into account supporters again flock to the stadium should be able to come.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 3 hours ago

The players of the Team to thank the public.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

Van Bronckhorst: ‘the Public is the big loser’
“The public is the big loser today,” says Feyenoord coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst at FOX Sports. “We have players aware still sent outside to the supporters to thank. It is waiting to see when we race to catch up.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours geledenHet is still unclear when the match is rescheduled. Tomorrow there will be a consultation between the KNVB and the two clubs about the new time of this duel.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

Van Merwijk: “the Greatest nightmare of every stadiondirecteur’
Stadiondirecteur Jan van Merwijk frustrated firmly of the failure of the light poles. “This is the biggest nightmare of every stadiondirecteur,” he says to FOX Sports. “I’m sorry that us special, we bales. Very annoying for all the people who go to the stadium. The problem is in the circuit. There we will tomorrow continue to look for.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

The last time a Premier league match was suspended because of lichtuitval was February 10, 2001, when NAC Breda – FC Twente after 59 minutes, it was shut down. @Feyenoord #FEYVVV #Eredivisie


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen17:37 – 4 november 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

Steijn: “This is the great sin’
“This is certainly a bummer, for everyone and everything”, mourns VVV-trainer Maurice Steijn at FOX Sports. “It is a great sin. We have this week a lot of miles and want to play matches. Everyone was ready for a nice voetbalgevecht, but it was unfortunately not to be.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

Nijhuis: “Problem not found”
According to referee Bas Nijhuis is unclear what the cause of the failure of the light poles. “They can not with the solution to the lampposts to get, so that means that we should cease”, says the arbitrator for FOX Sports. “The problem is not found and you see how quickly it gets dark. Then we are stuck with the security.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

But today is ‘t not @Qurrent…….


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen17:23 – november 4, 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours geledenDe players of the Team enter the field on the supporters to thank.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours agoFeyenoord-VVV altogether
Feyenoord-VVV is discontinued! According to the referee Bas Nijhuis, there can be no solution to be found for the failed lighting columns.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

It starts, meanwhile, gets darker and darker, to be in The Cockpit.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours geledenHet is still unclear whether the match can be continued. The stoppage lasts already for about twenty minutes.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

Someone in the meantime is still a good mop? We bored…..


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen17:05 – 4 november 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 4 hours ago

With smartphones provide the spectators in The Cockpit for a nice atmosphere.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 5 hours ago

“It may have a little ten minutes. We’d better go inside,” explains referee Bas Nijhuis its decision to the race halt. “If it really happens very quickly, we can continue. Within a half an hour is regular.”Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 5 hours ago

Immediately after the kick-off are the lights failed in The Cockpit.
The contest is shut down. As soon as we know more, we’ll report it.


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen16:49 – 4 november 2018Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 5 hours geleden7′ Referee Nijhuis decides the race to stop. The players, after seven minutes, again to within.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 5 hours geleden2 ” The contest is early still because the lights in The Cockpit are missing.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 5 hours geleden1′ The ball rolls in The Cockpit. Can Feyenoord recover from the 3-0 defeat against Ajax?Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 5 hours ago

In The Cockpit is about ten minutes, the last race of the weekend in the Premier league of start. Last season ended the duel in a 1-1-tie. Nicolai Jörgensen then opened the score for the Rotterdammers and Damian van Bruggen created the breakaway for the equalizer.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 5 hours ago

Fortuna after droomstart easy along PEC
Also in the province of Limburg in the sound of the final whistle. Fortuna Sittard beat PEC Zwolle 3-0 and wins his third competitiezege of the season. After a quick opening goal from Finn Stokkers expands Mark Diemers the margin with two penalties.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 5 hours ago

Blunder Groothuizen leads big win Utrecht in
It is in the Galgenwaard. FC Utrecht booking a spacious thuiszege on ADO Den Haag 3-0. Cyriel Dessers open the score after a blunder from goalkeeper Indy Groothuizen, after which Willem Janssen and Joris van Overeem the score further fitting.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 5 hours geleden86′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 3-0

The Task to increase the lead in the final. Diemers exploited a penalty after an infringement by Hammer in the sixteen.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 5 hours geleden83′ Scamacca is to score for PEC, but the hit is rejected due to a violation of Flemming.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 5 hours geleden77′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 3-0

Of Overeem extends the margin of a small fifteen minutes. The midfielder taps the ball in after good preparatory work of the Church.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 5 hours geledenAls it remains so, climbs FC Utrecht to fifth place in the Premier league. ADO drops to the twelfth position.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 6 hours ago,68′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-0

This is the fourth victory in a row for FC Utrecht? Willem Jansen tap close tap after a corner.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 6 hours ago67′ GOAL Fortuna! 2-0

Diemers get the shot from the dot and doubles the margin for the home team.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 6 hours ago67′ Penalty for Fortuna!

Stokkers is after the ground is drawn, and the ball goes on the spot.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 6 hours geleden63′ Lazaros Lamprou will head a good chance on the 2-0, but the Greek targets.Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 6 hours agoSetup! This eleven will start for VVV in The Cockpit:

OT: Unnerstall; Rutten, Röseler, Promes, Borgmann; Ralf Seuntjens, Post, Susic; Opoku, Mlapa, Cave.

Team news! 📝
These boys must be going to do in the Cockpit. ⚔


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen15:44 – 4 november 2018FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 6 hours geleden47′ ADO comes right after resting almost on the same level. Jensen gets his hand to a shot of Sheraldo Becker. The rebound is not spent on a player of the visitors.Premier league · 6 hours ago,46′, The ball rolls again in the duels of 14.30:

FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag 1-0
Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle 1-0Feyenoord-VVV-Venlo · 6 hours agoSetup! Feyenoord comes at 16.45 hours in action against VVV-Venlo. These eleven names are on the kick-off:

Feyenoord: Bijlow; Nieuwkoop, Botteghin, Van der Heijden, Malacia; van la parra, Van Persie, Vilhena; Berghuis, Jörgensen, Larsson.

📋 | SETUP 🔴⚪️⚫️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:28 – november 4, 2018FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 6 hours ago

7 – Tom Beugelsdijk received seven yellow cards this Premier league season, equalling his tally from 2017-18 already. Rustaagh?


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen15:21 – november 4, 2018FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 6 hours ago

The time of the first half in Utrecht. Dessers takes full advantage of this messy work of Groothuizen after a back-pass.Premier league · 6 hours agoIt is peace in the duels, from 14.30. These are the intermediate positions:

FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag 1-0
Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle 1-0Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 6 hours geleden43′ Re-create PEC Zwolle almost the equalizer. After a klutssituatie lands the ball on the pole. Goalkeeper Koselev saves then on the line.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 6 hours geleden40′ Mike van Duinen dives for the purpose of Fortuna, but the striker shoots with the left against the legs of goalkeeper Alexei Koselev.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 6 hours geleden30′ Lex, After all, gets a free schietkans of a meter, or fifteen, but the ADO player should do with his less good left leg. Goalkeeper David Jensen can see the shot right here.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 7 hours geleden28′ Mark Diemers try Mickey van der Hart to surprise with a free kick into the short corner, but the goalkeeper is alert.Premier league · 7 hours geledenNa twenty minutes of play are still the thuisploegen on lead. The a bit happier than the other, but it will FC Utrecht is a concern.

FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag 1-0
Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle 1-0FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours geledenBekijk here the error of goalkeeper Groothuizen:

There will be ‘businessmen’ their trade from Belgium to the Netherlands have shifted, or is this just a blunder of minipups-level? #utrado


AuteurAndriesMoment of plaatsen14:43 – 4 november 2018FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours ago8′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

What an error of Indy Groothuizen! The goalkeeper takes a back bad, so that against the post. Then FC Utrecht striker Cyriel Dessers there as the chickens at to hit the ball over the line to tap it.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours geleden6′ Kopkans for defender Wilfried Kanon, but the use of the ADO player goes over the target.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 7 hours ago3′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 1-0

Finn Stokkers put the home team with a good shot into the far corner on lead.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 7 hours ago1′ in Sittard rolls the ball.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours ago1′ ADO kicks off and so we are on our way to Utrecht!Premier league · 7 hours geledenDe players come onto the field in Utrecht and Sittard.Premier league · 7 hours geledenOver a quarter of an hour we go in the Premier league football at FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag, Fortuna Sittard-PEC Heerenveen-FC Emmen · – 7 hours ago

Past! sc Heerenveen succeeds again not in order in own house win. FC Emmen is in the final stage, still alongside: Heerenveen-FC Emmen · – 7 hours geleden90′ There are still four Heerenveen-FC Emmen · – 7 hours ago88′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-1

From the corner that follows is the touch. Reuven Niemeijer put his head on the ball and draw for the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · – 7 hours geleden87′ Almost an own goal from Heerenveen. Hahn may be the header of Bulthuis but just out of the corner Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden82′ Huge chance for Emmen on the 1-1. Striker Jafar Arias can a cross from close to head, but the ball ends up simply in the hands of goalkeeper Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden81′ it is not The best second half in Heerenveen, the netherlands. The striker, who this season haven’t won in the Abe Lenstra Stadium, leads with 1-0, but FC Emmen is still not Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden70′ Zeneli has a great chance at 2-0, but goalkeeper Hone returns with a good rescue, the commitment of the Heerenveen attacker.Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 8 hours ago

Up! These are the 22 names that at 14.30 hours start of the duel in Sittard:

Fortuna Sittard: Koselev; Ciranni, Heerings, Dammers, Pinto; Smeets, Diemers, Cabins; Semedo, Stokkers, Lamprou.

PEC Zwolle: Van der Hart; Ehizibue, Lachman, Lamb, Pole; Hammer, Bouy, Genreau; Namli, Flemming, Of Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden63 ” Even less than a half hour on the clock, in the province of Friesland. It is a messy stage in this competition. It is waiting for great Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden55′ and the opportunities it is therefore certainly not today, but the visitors from Emmen don’t manage to get the ball in the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden46′ The first chance of peace is for Emmen. Axe shoots straight at Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours geleden46′ The ball is rolling for the second company in Heerenveen, the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours ago

Arber Zeneli cries out after he Heerenveen the lead.FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag · 8 hours ago

Up! In Utrecht these names to the kick-off at 14.30:

FC Utrecht: Jensen; Klaiber, Letschert, Janssen, Gavory; Of Overeem, Gustafson, Emanuelson; Church, Dessers, Tannane.

ADO: Groothuizen; Troupée, Malone, Beugelsdijk, Cannon, Meijers; After all, El Khayati; Becker, Necid, Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 8 hours agoREST. sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 1-0

The odds for Emmen, yet Heerenveen with a lead the rest in. By a beautiful free-kick from Zeneli, where Emmen-keeper to Sharpen fully on verkijkt, the halfway 1-0 in the Abe Lenstra Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours ago

So fly the free-kick from Zeneli about the unfortunate Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours geleden34′ Nearly 2-0 for Heerenveen. This time is Hone alert with a bet of Sam Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours ago30′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-0

Against the ratio is sc Heerenveen in the lead but what a goal. Zeneli runs a free-kick from an almost onmogelije position directly. Emmen-goalkeeper Kjell Hone is a step too far for his purpose and let himself completely by Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours geleden27′ a chance for Emmen to lead. A shot from Caner Cavlan is cracked in the rebound to shoot Bannink in the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours ago

20′ Almost halfway through the first half is still 0-0. The supporters early this morning, have risen to the Abe Lenstra Stadium to come, are not yet Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours geleden14′ The first opportunities in the match for FC Emmen. Warner Hahn tapping the ball out just in time for the feet of Glenn Axe. A minute later, miss Alexander Bannink eye-to-eye with the Heerenveen Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours geleden8′ Referee Kevin Blom logs along the side of the field because his communicatiesysteeem with the VAR does not work. It is the first commotion in the Abe Lenstra Stadium, because the field happens a lot in the opening Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours ago1′ The ball is rolling in Friesland! sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 9 hours geledenDe players come onto the field in Heerenveen, the Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 10 hours ago

FC Emmen will revancheren for the outrageous bekeruitschakeling in own house against ODIN’59 (1-3). sc Heerenveen bekerde further by a 1-3 victory at the amateurs of Green Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 10 hours geledenHeerenveen is currently the number nine of the Eredivisie. With profits on the rise, Marbles to place five. FC Emmen is sixteenth (two points above hekkensluiter FC Groningen). With a three pointer climbs Emmen to the twelfth Heerenveen-FC Emmen · 10 hours ago

Up! At 12.15 pm starts the Premier league the first game of this Sunday. These are the setups:

sc Heerenveen: Hahn; Floranus, Bulthuis, Pierie, Woudenberg; Thorsby, Rienstra, Vlap; Kobayashi, Lammers, Zeneli.

FC Emmen: Sharpen; Clock, Veendorp, Siekman, Bakery, Cavlan; Axe, Bannink, Niemeijer, Chacón; Arias.
PSV-Vitesse · 12 hours ago

Bergwijn has a feeling that patient PSV always can score
Steven Bergwijn was in no time to ensure that PSV for the first time this season points would lose in the Premier league. Also against Vitesse (1-0 victory) was the leader have the patience to wait on that one chance. “Everyone will be with us a goal,” says Bergwijn against NUsport. “We say in the field against each other: ‘stay Patient, that luck comes and that goal will come.'”Premier league · 13 hours ago

The program today in the Premier league:

12.15 pm:

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen

FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag
Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle

16.45 pm:
Feyenoord-VVV-VenloBack up


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