CNN sends campagnevideo Trump: ‘Racist and inappropriate’

A campagnevideo of the American president Donald Trump will not see on CNN. According to the news the movie is racist and factually incorrect.

In the video, is warned for the ‘7.000 migrants’, who are from include Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador through Mexico to the US attract. According to Trump is that ‘migrantenkaravaan ” a great danger for the Americans. In the video, is told that there are ‘dangerous criminals, similar to Luis Bracamontes’.

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Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was convicted for the shooting of two American agents. In the video are images of the process, in which the killer says that he regrets only two people to have killed.


CNN refuses the campagnevideo to send out. In a comment on Donald Trump Junior, who complained about the attitude of the news channel did, set to CNN: ‘We have made very clear that this ad is racist is. When we had the opportunity to be paid for the broadcasting of the ad, we have refused. That are the facts.’

On 6 november, the midterms, midterm elections, held. There is plenty of campaign, also by president Donald Trump.

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