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Cercle spilt with opportunities, but can blamage avoid

Halloween is over, but it looked a long time at that Club a nightmare scenario to meet went. Against the group of ten man team of Mouscron spilled the opportunities, Cardona missed even a penalty kick. The young goalkeeper Butez loved for a long time, to Kylian Hazard showed that he might still follow in the footsteps of his brothers can act. He scored the deserved equalizer, where Cercle courage from putte. The sunken De Belder gave a green-black eventually get the much-needed three points: 2-1.

“A great asset of this Club is that these guys can perform under pressure”, gave the Club coach Laurent Guyot for the match. “They proved last season in the finalematch against Beerschot, and recently also against Charleroi. Dar was also a contest that we but better able to win and we did that.”

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In Eupen swallowed Cercle Wednesday night a further two goals in added time and the group has sufficient rest, stayed one night in Verviers. The French staff drowned their sorrows in a few good Belgian pints and forged immediately a plan for a direct competitor Mouscron to put aside. The grensploeg had Tuesday win against AA Gent and could subject gains one point of Cercle approaching.

Laurent Guyot was the youngest days on the social media portrayed as a frightened kwezel and began what was to become under pressure to come. The project of Monaco, where the training of young people remembered the closet. Especially points Cercle now sporty further. Guyot had the Brazilian Vitinho miss it and paste to the experience Loss in as right back. On the left, he gave the young Etienne prefer to Omar.

Butez grabs

At Mouscron runs back with the Boya a solid beer. Mercier if the experience because at his breakthrough anticipated, the central defender is fine. Cercle chose resolutely for the attack and Cardona could have a few times threatening. The corners, in the first instance little. Turning point was a new breakthrough of Xavier Mercier, Gulan could follow, but handle to the emergency brake. The consequences were heavy: red for Gulan and penalty kick. Irvin Cardona, in march, the hero of the Club from the dot to 1A to bounce back, could green-black free but Butez chose the right corner and pushed the ball in corner. A new uppercut for the Club that is without debate the better team was and always on a lead should have come. Captain and gelegenheidsrechtsachter Loss saw even a possibility to have a open chance on the dekselse Butez to stairs.

Cercle spilled against ten man, so with the odds. At Antwerp, in full summer, the numerical majority cannot exploit and was it a coincidence, but also Moeskroen plays in red and white. Under the German Storck grew Mouscron off to a strong block and that was with ten man. And from the nothing they came even lead. A vrijschop of Amallah was by Taravel very unhappy in his own goal extended: 0-1.

Hazard is the road

In the second half had Butez trouble with the hard pop of his countrymen Mercier, and Taravel, but she could very afblokken. Time to grab thought Guyot and he dropped the 4-3-3 for what it was, brought The Belder for a Loss and went 3-3-4 play. Daring and then, of course, you have the opportunities. Tormin decided first in front but also a second time, he arrived not over attentive Butez and He missed his shot.

With 20 minutes to go realized the Club that something had to be done. The more experienced Gakpé came Tormin redeem but also the Frenchman can’t force it. A Belgian, but do you think than but the fuel of Kylian Hazard looked like and he decided on.. yes Butez! Hazard would not be a Hazard, and saw the opportunity to refuel. With success for a small ten minutes before the time poeierde his own rebound yet beyond Butez.

Cercle smoke and felt the victory, and did at the last minute what it was supposed to do. The raiders made the job. In reference to Bruno gave Dylan De Belder his team the deserved victory: 2-1.

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