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Bitcoin or hand grenades: extortion in the Netherlands

Bitcoin adaptation in a different way: In the large Dutch city of Amsterdam, several business owners bomb got threats. The demands of the blackmailer: you need to pay Bitcoin, on the other hand, the transactions are hunted in the air.

Amsterdam is known for its canals, numerous museums, and as a popular stop for tourists. But the city also has its dark sides. So the Criminals decided apparently to extort some business owners. The claim: you should pay for Bitcoin, or else an explosion of the threat grenades with hand.

The Claims

So you should not adapt Bitcoin. By E-Mail Unknown business requested to date holder to pay 50,000 Euro in Bitcoin, or the danger to be with hand grenades attacked. As the Dutch NL Times reported, the local police, several of the extortion emails. As the blade reported, there are at least three coffee shops, as well as a Club, have received threatening emails:

“You have surely noticed how some entrepreneurs have had to recently close their doors. You’re next, you must act immediately.“

In this context, the Extorted to create an Account at or , 50.000 euros to buy Bitcoin to the Wallet address of the blackmailer transfer to:

“Then you will never hear something again from us,”

it is in the Mail according to the NL Times. The deadlines to put the blackmailer in the process. If the payments are not received within a week, will doubled the amount.

Business owners give themselves unimpressed

Then it gets tough:

“If we don’t get the 100,000 within five days, we ensure that you have to close your doors. We either put a bullet through your facade, or tie a hand grenade to the door. If we find that you have [the police] discovered or that message shared with someone else, we will immediately take care that you have to close your doors for at least three months. If you get the permission to open your doors again, we come back to, save it to 200,000 [euros] to pay.“

As you can see from the public message, and statements made to the police, however close, the owner of the respective Locations is hardly impressed. The logic of the threats goes back to the fact that the Amsterdam government decided recently to close shops after the attacks provisionally.

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