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Bitcoin is Cash at full throttle: 15% price increase within a 24

Bitcoin is Cash at full throttle: 15% price increase within a 24

Home News Bitcoin Cash is at full throttle: 15% price increase within 24 hours

Marcel Knobloch –

The little brother of Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, has planned for the 15.11.2018 a Hard Fork. Some of the major stock exchanges in the world, including Coinbase, have announced their full Support for the Fork.

Within the last 24 hours the price of Bitcoin Cash increased to 15,64% to a price of 468,30 Euro. The trading volume also showed a significant pulse, and increased to almost 793,266 Euro.

The rest of the market moves, as in the last few weeks, usual, sideways and shows no large changes in the rates.

On 15.11.2018 a Hard Fork will be carry out take place, “ABC”, the former developer of the Bitcoin Cash Software. After and Binance have announced their full Support, began the price of Bitcoin Cash already, a few days ago to travel.

Yesterday, Coinbase announced that they will support the Hard Fork is also fully. Within the next few days the stock exchange will set up all the necessary technical measures and interfaces, so that everything can run smoothly (freely translated):

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network gives twice a year a firm place in the framework of the proposed Protocol upgrades. The next BCH Hard Fork is for the 15. November 2018, planned, and Coinbase is willing to support the Roadmap published by . In contrast to previous BCH-hard forks there are, however, a competing proposal that is not with this published Roadmap compatible.

In the past, the price of crypto-currencies is to be increased before a Hard Fork often. In the case of a Hard Forks to the owner of the forked digital currencies 1:1 with the new crypto currency will be rewarded and get paid to in order for your Coins “”. How long is this short “Hype” however, will continue, remains to be seen.

According to the technical Analyst Eric Thies, crypto-currencies shown in the past to such an event not so low volatility, starting with the correction to the accumulation phase. Due to the low market volume of all of the crypto remained almost currencies at a relatively low price level is stable, and exhibited little movement (freely translated):

The historical level of Volatility (per CMC) of a week, reached those lows in the bear market of 2014 in the middle of the accumulation phase. Surprisingly, the volatility has not reached the low point, until the price of + 155% under the low Trend.

Though the current stabilisation phase is a good sign for the crypto market, suggests that the low volume, however, still arose at the end of sideways movement. It must be able to initiate to be seen whether signifakten events, such as the Start of the stock exchange Bakkt, a recovery.

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