Barbecue indoors: 11 people sick

MÖNCHENGLADBACH – Eleven people are in the German Mönchengladbach unwell hit after indoors a charcoal barbecue was lit. The residents wanted to with the barbecue, the house heating because the heater did not.

Night came there is carbon monoxide free. A woman was just in time to wake up. She was nauseous, but was able the others wake up.

Of the eleven people, including children, got two injuries and nine seriously injured. “Of the nine serious injuries showed there are two extreme symptoms,” reported fire chief Andreas Peelers. These two were by search and rescue helicopters to Duisburg and Aachen flown, where they are in pressure chambers were placed.

“The people had the luck that one of them woke up and immediately everyone woke and the fire department alarmed. If that hadn’t happened, we had eleven deaths in the house,” says Peelers. Mönchengladbach is located just over the border near Venlo.

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