14 million trees affected by adverse weather, Italy

ROME – By the severe weather of the past time in Italy, a further two deaths, but it demands not only human victims. Also the nature has to endure a lot. An estimated fourteen million trees are lost. When a dam has a reservoir of uprooted trees formed.

In the Comelico dam has a reservoir formed by fallen trees.

A German tourist died a day after he was struck by lightning on the island of Sardinia. Another person a few days ago by lightning was hit, died Saturday in the hospital, reported the Italian agency for civil protection. The death toll has now risen to seventeen.

Multiple victims are killed by falling trees. Coldiretti, the association of Italian farms, said in a statement that the storm was about fourteen million trees, mainly in the north of the country have been destroyed. “We will be at least a century to have this natural damage repair”, said a spokesman of the association.

This photo shows a completely destroyed forest.

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