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Verschueren: “The football fans are going to have a Super League never pick up

Michael Verschueren, director at Anderlecht and the ECA, does not believe in the feasibility of a European Super League, the private elitecompetitie which some European top clubs have secretly work. ‘Always the same teams is lethal for the sporting tension.’

It was with surprise that Michael Verschueren this morning in The Standard read that there is also today still by some of the top teams are secretly working on plans for the establishment of a private Super League. According to a leaked ” conceptovereenkomst’ who two weeks ago was e-mailed to Real Madrid – and that to us via Der Spiegel and EIC in the hands – there are at least embryonic plans for a European Super League possible from 2021 to establish.

Eleven founders, six gastclubs

The eleven founding member – Real, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, PSG, Manchester City, Liverpool and AC Milan – would twenty years, and a fixed place in the Super League. Five other clubs would be like ‘guests’ are allowed to participate: Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Olympique Marseille, Inter Milan and AS Roma.

Verschueren is skeptical. ‘Embryonic or not: the football fans, some Super League never pick up. If you have a closed or semi-open competition works – from which most top teams never could degrade – are always at the same competitions back. And even though those are the big names, which is lethal for the sporting tension and the attraction of football’, argues he.

No miracles more

It is just that sporty uncertainty – the knowledge that in football anything can happen and smaller teams in one football game never stand a chance against the top teams, which according to Verschueren, the football has made great.

‘In such a separate Super League, you take the element of surprise is largely gone. Sporting miracles such as Leicester, that recently the top teams in the English Premier League surprised by champion to be, can never take place, ” says Verschueren junior. ‘Thus risking the European top clubs off the branch saw which they sit.’

However, it is also the Belgian football may quietly to prepare for major changes in European football, he will realize. “I stay: perhaps not for 2021, but after that I don’t know what will happen’, emphasises Verschueren.


What if the Super League in the long term, though? Perhaps the creation of a Beneliga – a joint competition between Belgium and the Netherlands – an answer? “No, a new league set up is according to me not a solution’, waves Verschueren another monster of Lochness in the Belgian football resolutely away.

‘I continue to believe in the process that recently within Uefa is up to all of the European leagues after 2024 to reform. This will include all clubs in advance to be consulted, so that we are all to a balanced solution. A reform that is good for all football clubs in Europe, not only for the absolute top clubs.’

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