Van Bommel has no regrets

Mark van Bommel

After the lost battle for the Johan Cruijff Scale against Feyenoord (penalties) and the dramatic elimination in the KNVB-cup for the team of trainer Mark van Bommel within their boundaries, only the so far successful race to the championship. Especially if we also had European off to recover before the winter break.

PSV-located with the possibly missing out on the championship title after this season so no more hiding behind a won ’consolation prize’ in the form of the JC Bowl or cup. On the question of whether that extra pressure it puts on the competition, Van Bommel on the plain. “We want to win every match. In the league we have ten times extracted, but now we lose a time. There should a guy deal with it. And not suddenly have other things to do, as that applies even after a victory. We go just the same way.”

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