Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 44

The Flemish Ultratop 50 this week refreshed with eight newcomers. Unfortunately, this also means that there are eight singles the charts have left. That is this week for “You know me better than I am” of Sabien Tiels, Luc Steeno, and “How do you do that?”, Christoff with “Pile on you”, “Hope makes life” of Slongs feat. Will Tura, Wendy Of Mittens with “nothing for Nothing”, Garry Hagger and “Love at first sight”, Celien with “Rhythm in me” and “Crystal” of Dean.

49 is Wijsneus “Against the stream” in. Phil Kevin wants to be at 48 “Your teddy bear”. “I saw tears in your eyes” by Paul Severs came in at 46. 44 is for the Guy Neve ” and “live your life with me”. Sabien Tiels like to “First believe and then see” on 39. 38 is for “I can’t do without you” from Dimi. On 32 asks John Terra “Why did you leave?”. The highest ranked single is reserved for Laura Lynn and “We are dancing through the night”.

From 11 to 10 jump Sasha & Davy and that is not at all a “waste of time”. The “Disappeared friends” of Frank Vander linden suddenly surfaced and that on the number 9. Last week we were they still searching 12. “Those days” of Slongs dives from 7 to 8. “Everything goes well” for Lenny & The Wasps on 7, coming from 14. In the top 6 places, everything is just the same as last week. That means that Yevgueni 6 continues with “What is now important is”. “So clean” by Michiel De Meyer trappelt further 5. “Zoutelande” Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert loves anything beautiful on position 4. “Gloria” is a word that perfectly suits Niels Destadsbader after his successful passages to The Sportpaleis. He is, with this single still at 3. 2 remains 2 for Bazart and “Grip (embrace me)”. Tourist LeMC feat. Raymond van het Groenewoud busy now for the fourth week, the number 1 with “Mirror”.

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