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Turkish topper is turning out to be a massive slugfest

The derby of Istanbul between aartsrivalen Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe turned out to be a vulgar brawl. After the final whistle boiled the jars all the way across. Both teams took each other to the fist, there were three red cards.

The nerves are always tightly stretched for the derby between aartsrivalen Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe. But Friday night increased the rivalry between the two clubs to a new low. During the match there were some riots, mainly by the course of the match. Galatasaray, inter alia, through a goal by ex-Club Brugge Ryan Donk, on the lead 2-0 come. But Fenerbahçe, where trainer Philip Cocu was dismissed, stronger back and won in the end in a 2-2 tie out of the fire.

But after the final whistle, it went completely out of hand. The players of ‘Fener’ were their point a little too well to celebrate and that put bad blood with the players of the home team, who are their frustrations associated with a vulgar brawl. The bitten dog was Jailson, who the 2-2 scored. The Brazilian was chased by the entire Galatasaray team and had the tunnel inrennen to the fold to escape. Finally got Jailson and his team mate Roberto Soldado a red card for their actions, Ndiaye was the only player from the home team to win red got.

The least you can say is that it is a true point for both teams. One that they rarely get along. Galatasaray remains second after Istanbul BB, the surprising leader in Turkey. Fenerbahçe is only fifteenth in the standings.

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