Turkey recalls ambassador as Helen of Troy in the reception appeared

The Turkish ambassador in Uganda was Saturday recalled to Ankara. Turkey to take action because there photos were published that showed that ambassador Sedef Yavuzalp on a reception for the Turkish national holiday dressed up as Helen of Troy, a figure from Greek mythology. The costume play has to verontwaardig responses led by Turkish nationalists.

Yavuzalp was on October 29, the hostess at a reception in the embassy in Kampala was offered on the occasion of the Turkish national holiday. She wore a dress to the mythical Greek figure of Helena. A Turkish ambassademedewerker wore a toga and had an olive wreath on his head. Also, the Ugandan parlemenstsvoorzitster Rebecca Kadaga was on the reception desk. She placed on the official Twitter account of parliament, several pictures of the event.

The Turkish nationalist newspaper Sozcu picked up Saturday on its front page with the images. ‘Big scandal on the Day of the Republic’, as was there written. “The ambassador is dressed as Helena and her assistant as (the Greek god) Zeus.’

The Turkish ministry of Foreign Affairs to let you know that immediately after the publication of the photos an investigation has started. In the meantime, the ambassador also recalled.

Several media write that Yavuzalp was inspired by the fact that the Turkish ministry of Culture and Tourism of 2018 had been declared as “the year of the Horse”. It is twenty years ago that the remains of the legendary city, near the city of Canakkale in the north west of Turkey by Unesco recognized as a world heritage site. But many Turkish nationalists were opposed to any indication of a former presence of Greek civilization on Turkish territory.

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