Trump announces sanctions against Iran with the ’movie poster’

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has a kind of movie poster assesses the outlook on new sanctions. “Sanctions are in the pipeline. 5 november”, is a picture of Trump, which he shared via Twitter.

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The US is blowing on that date, the punitive measures against Iran for a new life. That were previously cancelled due to the atoomakkoord that Tehran is in 2015, when Barack Obama still in the White House was. His successor Trump has that agreement now in the trash thrown out and wants the pressure to perform.

The image of Trump with the caption “Sanctions Are Coming”, seems to be derived from the hbo’s hit series Game of Thrones. Characters in the series use frequently the term “Winter is Coming” (winter is coming). The ruling was therefore a kind of cult status.

The Us government says that the upcoming sanctions “the toughest ever” against the “corrupt regime.” That is according to the White House guilty of all sorts of disruptive activities where the atoomakkoord no covers.

“More than seven hundred persons, entities, vessels, and aircraft will again have a place on our sanctielijst”, state in a declaration that was distributed by the American embassy in The Hague. “These include major Iranian banks, exporters of oil and shipping companies.”

The sanctions should ensure that flows to the Iranian state dry. “Those revenues are now used for the funding of terror groups, causing of instability in the world, the financing of nuclear and missile programmes and the enrichment of their leaders”, according to the US.

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