Tigress, that thirteen people would have been killed, shot in India

In India, a tigress, that thirteen people would have been killed, after a real manhunt, were shot dead by forest guards and snipers. Notify the media and local officials Saturday.

The six-year-old tigress, Avni, which is officially known as T1, in June 2016, thirteen villagers killed in Yavatmal, in the vicinity of the Ralegaonwoud in the western state of Maharashtra. The animal was Friday night in that region killed, after a search of three months, sounds at the police.

According to television channel NDTV had the bosdepartement of the state, a hunter and a sniper hired. In total, almost 200 people participated in the operations, and were camera’s, drones, snuffelhonden and hang-glider deployed around the animal to find.

The death of Avni, the mother of two cubs of ten months old, to the protest conducted on the internet. Activists do not accept that the tiger was killed, while they could just as well captured as it could be.

In september had the Supreme court refused to order the tiger to kill, to suspend. Also that had to protests led. On television, however, is also to see how the villagers the death of the animal, and to celebrate, as the terror which the animal spread has come to an end.

Avni was through DNA linked to five of the thirteen deaths in Yavatmal, says NDTV. On one of the bodies was also DNA found of a male tiger in the nearby forest lives.

According to the most recent figures from 2015, life in India is still 2.226 tigers in the wild. That is the highest number in the world.

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